Your Visit

Please drink water before, during and after your session. We provide Alkaline water in the room so you can stay hydrated during your session. Many of us are extremely dehydrated. In order to sweat and release toxins, you have to be hydrated. Don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat a lot initially. We have to retrain our bodies to sweat. Make sure that you have no makeup, lotions, oils or perfume on so that your pores are clean. We provide face wipes to clean your face before your session so that you receive the full benefits of your infrared session. You can listen to your playlist, watch your device, read or use the session as a meditative space and zone out.

Take care to not overheat for your first session. Take breaks as necessary. With time, your body will adapt to the heat and become more efficient at sweating and regulating your body temperature. Stretching your arms, back and legs helps to create more mobility and flexibility. There is a vent in top of sauna that you can open to let in cooler air or step out and give yourself a break, and grab a glass of water!

We provide a towel to sit on and one to wrap yourself in. You can use those or bring a bathing suit or any lightweight cotton shorts and tee shirt. You are going to want the least amount of clothes because it’s going to get hot. After your session, you will want to relax for a few minutes and let your body cool down naturally. We do not have showers here but we do provide a cool Lavender infused washcloth to wipe your face and neck. Afterwards, make sure that you have something comfortable to change into that is loose fitting, because you will definitely continue to sweat for another 30-40 minutes. Once you’ve completed the cool down phase you will want to take a shower and make sure to brush your skin to fully remove all the toxins you’ve just sweated out.

Know that in a 20 minute infrared sauna session, you’ve burned approximately 300 calories just sitting still and letting the heat and your body work for you!

Coconut water, to replace electrolytes lost in your session, is available for sale. We also sell body brushes to dry brush BEFORE you enter sauna to open up your pores and increase the benefits of your sauna session.